There are three approaches to USMM:

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1 All Day Monday & Tuesday Morning

All Day Monday and Tuesday Morning

This is the core classroom-based learning. Teaching will mainly be given from participating churches in Greater Manchester; however other speakers from across the UK and overseas will be invited. Understand and know God through his Word as women and men from varied church backgrounds unpack it. Subjects covered will include plenty of practical teaching on the heart of the gospel, church and mission, understanding contemporary society and church history.This option enables you to continue in your present job on reduced hours or seek a part-time job that supports you financially during the ten months. You might see this as enabling you to study while for example, still doing childcare or running your own business.


2 Core Teaching & Further Self-Study

This involves all the full classroom time as above, but with the rest of the week given to further in-depth study and additional written assignments. There would be no additional teaching sessions but there would be additional tutorials for those wanting to follow this track.

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3 Core Teaching & Internship at your church.

The internship track involves the full school classroom time, but with the rest of the week given to serving your local church in a bespoke internship to match your gifting. This gives ample time outside of the classroom for both practical training and experience within various church-based roles. This would be worked out with the leadership team of the church you belong to.

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Take a look at our FAQ page for answers about application process, term dates etc


We've compiled a quick page of answers to questions about application, location, term times and more.

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Take a look at our 4 teaching modules.

What You'll Learn

Find out more about our 4 modules; Heart of the gospel, Missional Church Leadership, Challenges to Missional Thinking and Church History.

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