Heart of the gospel

The nature of God, the work of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection and ascension, the empowering of the person of the Holy Spirit, ways of reading and interpreting the Bible, the kingdom of God, experiencing the Holy Spirit, and how to share your personal testimony in the light of all this!


Missional Church Missional Leadership

The biblical basis of seeing the church as God’s  way of advancing the kingdom of God on earth, the transformative potential of every member of the
church being sent into the world to make disciple-making disciples, practical evangelism, preaching workshops, counselling skills, ways to lead a Bible study, ways to live missional lives.


ChallengeS to Missional Thinking

Methods to describe cultures, ways that the New Testament Church adapted to the cultures of her time, appropriate responses from the Church to contextual changes in contemporary society, reading film to understand contemporary society and using film to communicate the gospel, missional living in a relevant way in 2018!

Appreciation of the past to understand the present; examining ways in which the pentecostal and charismatic churches have grown in the last century, case studies in the spread of the gospel in certain cities in the UK and specific nations.


Church History

These four modules carry equal weight, but the first two make up more than half of the contact time with teachers. The second two involve more guided personal study. In addition to these four modules the timetable has a scattering of guest speakers who come and share their stories of advancing the kingdom of God.

Still want to know more?

To hear about the heart of USMM and the teaching that takes place, take a listen below to Dave explaining the course at our graduation celebration.